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Monday, 12 March 2007

Private Healthcare

"I along with I think something like five million other people do insure, to enable me to go into hospital on the day I want at the time I want and with the doctor I want. And for me, that is absolutely vital."

Mrs Thatcher, circa 1989.

The clip can be viewed via Nick Robinson's BBC blog here.

Then we have this from the Daily Mail.

"South African-born Mr Druian said that Mr Brown had been a regular patient at his practice on the edge of London's fashionable Hampstead district since he left the NHS to go private nearly 20 years ago.

The Chancellor has had routine dental treatment and also used Mr Druian's hygienist.

He told The Mail on Sunday: "Mr Brown is like many of my patients who opt for private treatment because they can phone me up in the morning and get an appointment the same day if they need one.

"We are not jam-packed with other patients so we can fit people in when they want.

"We have been looking after Mr Brown for such a long time and people don't usually like to change their dentist."

Maggie had the honesty to say it like it is.

With Gordo, it's a different story:

"Using a private dentist is not the same as using a private doctor," said one friend of the Chancellor."

UPDATE: Of course, when Tony had to undergo medical treatment for his irregular heartbeat, he got pretty sharp treatment on the NHS simply because he could use his position as Prime Minister to get it. That is the same type of treatment that is denied to other people on the NHS. No need for private insurance for Tony when we can all pay for him instead (even with his £200,000 per annum salary) and help to maintain his credentials as a supporter of the taxpayer-funded NHS to boot.


Ed said...

While most of us don't forget the champagne socialists' hyprocrisy, it's nice for the few who think they have principles to be reminded every now and again.

Newmania said...

I do not forget the Champagne Socialists, but I can`t say i blame Giordo for a private Dentist , Free dental Cre has been slowly with drawn in effect . I do not see why we have at all any more

Newmania said...

Oops sorry I`m so busy today.

Newmania said...

Where is AL then ? Waiting for Albion`s call?