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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Maggie's Classic Hits

"It is better to wrap yourself in the Union Jack than the Red Flag!"

Margaret Thatcher, House of Commons, October 1990

From the archives here.

Other great quotes include the famous "No, No, No" to the Delors proposals for the European Community to become a European super-state, and Thatcher calling Kinnock "little Sir Echo".

Steve Norris, Norman Tebbit and Nicholas Ridley also showed themseves to be on good form.

However, Mrs. Thatcher's speech did bear out the analysis of Booker and North that the Conservative Party has always failed to appreciate what the Project is and has always been about, where it is heading, and their mistaken belief that they can somehow stop it.

Mrs T.'s heart was in the right place, but she still hadn't full grasped the forward momentum of the EC beast, and the fundamental inability of Britain to stop or divert it from its course.

Kinnock had one or two good points, but let himself down with blatantly opportunistic attacks which exposed his own muddled thinking. Pantsdsown was just awful, and got rightly handbagged.

Hat tip: Iain Dale.


Newmania said...

Yes the developemnt of Margarets Ts thinking on the EU is very interesting isn`t it .Its hard to recapture now the spirit of modernising in which we entered the Common Market.

It seemed the Conservative thing to do and yet ...
The future

Newmania said... gone to sleep then ?

Arthurian Legend said...

It could be said that I'm feeling a little weary today, N, yes.