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"Once back here I got to thinking - 'how do I get out of this?' Perhaps the really haunting spectre is that I would have to turn my back on the lake, and the prospect of the sword." Alan Clark, Diaries - 19th May 1999

Saturday, 24 March 2007


Peter Hitchens (of the Daily Mail) has made a programme about David Cameron which will be will shown on Channel 4 on Monday 26th March at 8pm: Toff at the Top.

Last week Iain Dale said:

"when you see it (if you see it...) you will understand why I turned down an invitation from the production company to advise them on it. It was meant to be a hatchet job from beginning to end - and that's what it will be."

So it was interesting to note that someone closer to Cameron than Dale has agreed to participate. The show will feature:

"Michael Gove's defence of his leader ( Michael, an old friend, generously agreed to put the Cameron case when he didn't have to)."


Newmania said...

Yes , you may approve of Peter Hitchen`s fermenting class antagonism against David cameron but I do not.
In fact I have a good mind to write to that self righteous tit and tell him what an effete decedant fop he really is .No dodubt Labour`s continued grip on the Nation willbe good for his career but it will not be good for anyone else

Arthurian Legend said...

Never said I supported it, N. Just pointing out the different responses by Dale and Gove...

I'm not so concerned about the class issue, though I don't think it's a particularly strong point for Cameron...but on the issues of substance there may be something in what PH says...we shall see....

David Allen said...

Fascinating documentary. I see that Hitchens took a double dose of the tablets when they were filming so as not to come across as the swivel-eyed loon that he is. He seemed quite normal. And his critique of what has been happening in the party is largely correct. But I take anything he says with a health warning because I know from his print journalism just how vicious, spiteful and personal he is in the positions he adopts. I think he was cleverly sanitised for this documentary by C4 to maximise the damage to our own dear 'Dave'!
(N, it is perfectly reasonable to point out the extraordinary fact that there are 13 (yes 13!!) Old Etonians on the onservative front bench without being accused of trying to foment class war. i think he was putting the view _ which I think we both share _ that the lower/ middle classes have been disenfranchised in the party. But, as you say, he is the best electable leade of the Conservatives we have, so let's make the most of it.)

Arthurian Legend said...

Thanks David.

I think that Hitchens' observations on the vacuity of many of Cameron's statements, and the apparent inconsistences between what Cameron used to say and what he says now would more annoying and off-putting to many people (whether Conservative or not) than the fact that he went to Eton.