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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Steve Norris - Legend!

I've never really heard Steve Norris speak before, and my views on him had been coloured (regrettably) by reports of serial womanising and the supposed negative implications of his job with Jarvis that was spun like crazy by Red Ken's team (which, sadly, I accepted a little too uncritically). However, on his inaugural appearance on 18 Doughty Street last night I loved him from the off... He said, quite openly, that frankly a £100,000 salary was going to leave him quite a bit short if he stood again for Mayor. You really wouldn't get that frank honesty from many Labour politicos, would you?

And on substantive issues that I care about, Norris said:-

1) He'd try to get the Routemasters back, or design new ones. I love these buses: the iconic design, the hop-on, hop-off open platform, the natural air conditioning winter and summer, the fact that they had ticket inspectors to verify and collect fares, and provide information and assistance. Truly Ken was a complete **** when he got rid of them.

2) He'd scrap the bendy buses. Hurrah! They're worse than the conditions in which cattle are transported, and they make me sick when travelling facing backwards.

3) He'd be quite happy for Britain to have an amicable split with the EU and leave on good terms...(OK, so he's not the foreign secretary, but anyone who's open about that gets a cheer from this quarter).

What a legend.

Sorry Newmania: I'll leaflet for you for the council, but this guy seems seriously good news as a prospective London Mayor...


Duncan Webster said...

I have to say I don't dislike Steve Norris but I don't see him winning this time either.

Have you got any views on the archway redevelopment? We (islington conservatives) are submitting a proposal this weekend on the discussion doc the council has issued.

Which part of the borough do you live in for leafletting?

Newmania said...

Oh you still don`t know who AL is eh Duncan , the inner santum know all.

He has been outed and is a gay prostitute living above the garage at the end of the Essex Road, ( called Melvin) Who`d have thought it

I disagree with Duncan AL he sounds pretty good to me and is at least not Nic Boles . I assume you saw this on Doughty Street so it will be worth watching

Arthurian Legend said...

That's Newmania's little joke, just in case you were wondering...!

Unlike Britain in the Council of Ministers, I can exercise the power of absolute veto regarding comments on this blog, but I'll indulge his little games this once.

Newmania said...

Sorry AL worth it for your lugubrious riposte though.