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"Once back here I got to thinking - 'how do I get out of this?' Perhaps the really haunting spectre is that I would have to turn my back on the lake, and the prospect of the sword." Alan Clark, Diaries - 19th May 1999

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Self-serving? Me? No..!

Loved this extract from an interview with Kim Hollis, the (black criminal defence lawyer) woman who was recently reported as having had an affair with the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith.

(Interview so far: fawning, self-righteous, poverty-blathering, Ghandi-name dropping stuff..)

[Black Lawyers Directory] If you could rule the world for a day what would you change/do?

KH: Shake up the criminal legal defence system by educating people about the worth of criminal defence lawyers in particular and the valuable work we perform on behalf of society in ensuring that all defendants are entitled to representation and a fair trial , whatever their crime. The value of work is routinely placed on a par with our clients who are charged with murder, rapes and other crimes. We are paid the lowest rates of all the specialist bar...

Where is the Auberon Waugh de nos jours who could crucify this type of stuff with a most acerbic and damning pen...?

hat tip: Iain Dale


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