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"Once back here I got to thinking - 'how do I get out of this?' Perhaps the really haunting spectre is that I would have to turn my back on the lake, and the prospect of the sword." Alan Clark, Diaries - 19th May 1999

Thursday, 15 February 2007

IEA - Still the best

Arthurian Legend is deeply grateful to the IEA for its excellent series of monographs, Hobart Papers, etc. that stimulated his interest in the "soulful science" during his A-levels.

It may not be in the fashionable vanguard of conservative-minded think tanks; was it ever? But the quality and consistency of its publications and events is in the top rank.

Here are two up-coming events for your diary - Arthurian Legend hopes to get along to one or both.

Scrap the BBC! - 1st March 2007

More information here.

Has State Education Failed? - 7th March 2007

(Arthurian Legend went to one of Alistair Campbell's "bog standard comprehensives". Hence, Arthurian is now just a blog standard writer...)

More information here.

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