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Monday, 5 February 2007

Islington School in Trouble

This week's Islington Tribune reports the sad story of a local primary school which appears to be floundering.

Apparently, 78% of the children at Clerkenwell Parochial are failing to meet the Government's 'maths targets'; 96% are failing to meet the 'writing targets'. 20 children have removed from the school by their parents in recent weeks(including one child of a parent govenor).

Who is to blame? The school? The parents? Islington LEA? The Government? All four? And what is the relative weight of blame to be attached to each? A tricky question, even for those with first-hand knowledge of the situation, which I certainly don't.

But what is clear is that after 10 years of Tony Blair, new Labour has failed to deliver what it promised...And this in the spiritual home of new Labour!

Fortunately, Think Tanks in the conservative constelletion have been giving serious and detailed thought to analysing the situation and what to do about it. The Policy Exchange publication More Good School Places shows in detail how, in so many cases, state education is still failing to deliver what was promised of it. But encouragingly, the document also charts a way forward.

Key to improving education in their view is the opening up the provision of education services to new providers. The power of Local Education Authorities to monopolise the supply of education services should be removed. Money should follow the pupil much more than it does at present. Bureaucracy and Government interference should be drastically reduced. Schools should be accountable primarily to parents, not council officials or the man (or woman) in Whitehall.

There is much more in there. It is a must read for those concerned to find a way to deliver genuine improvements in the standard of state education in this country.

One thing is for certain: Labour new and old have been tried and found wanting.

If the Conservative Party is to present a coherent and radical agenda for improving education, David Cameron should show that he is serious about the ideas argued for by think tanks such as Policy Exchange.


Newmania said...

Well yes..I `ll have look at the details later but the Conservative Party is saying very little that will help education so far . Nothing will help educatuion until you take on the NUT and get accountability for teachers..a days work now and then would be nice. This illusion that moving the furtniture around will help is exactly that.

I am far less impressed with think tanks than you seem to be they are always polulated by people who think a lot but have never done anything.
Still I wait to be pleasantly suprised. What is your view and what s the provenance of policy exchange

Isee you`ve attracted Duncan ..poor you

Duncan Webster said...

Education is a crucial issue, and although Paul is correct that the Party has not commented much recently, David Cameron has supported setting and streaming.

Equally, we have not spoken up as much as we could, but David Tucker had a good point in his letter a few weeks ago:
Islington Schooling

We are having a meeting tomorrow for supporters if you want to come along? See our website for more details.

Duncan Webster
[Deputy Chairman of Islington Conservatives]

Duncan Webster said...

Paul, you got the wrong Duncan...

Newmania said...

Looks that way DW I would keep the Webster in there we don`t want confusion with "The other Duncan".
Thats good post really , and a bit of input you`ve got a nice package on where we are on education in a nutshell.

I notice I get bugger all help of this informative and supporting sort Duncan.I battle on alone...

Duncan Webster said...

Paul, I know you feel lost in a sea of Labour and LibDem bloggers in North Islington! I am not going to start blogging, but I may comment a bit more - putting over the Tory views a bit.